1. Observe the situation with a critical eye. Try to note what has changed in the child’s behaviour: is he or she more nervous? Have teachers noticed a decline in results? Is he or she more detached? Make a careful analysis, but do not take direct action.
  2. Rely on an expert. Solving an emotionally engaging problem in the right way by yourself is not easy, especially when dealing with your children. By contacting us, you will be able to limit the real dimension of the problem and you will be advised by experts in the field on the best way to deal with the situation.


  1. Do not conduct investigative activities yourself and do not try to solve the problem, especially because you could damage the relationship of trust you have with your child.
  2. Do not act in an authoritarian manner. The parent who tries to prohibit certain attitudes very often does not achieve the desired results, but rather puts up a barrier and increases the distance, which should rather be decreased.


  • It is not possible to request telephone records; know the content of text messages sent or received by third parties; intercept telephone calls or to carry out earsdropping activities in private places.
  • It is illegal to spy on the Facebook profile, WhatsApp or emails of one’s partner.
  • Anyone committing one of these offences could risk imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years.
  • Anything collected via activities such as these cannot be used as evidence in court for a possible ruling on separation and/or for requesting apportionment of blame.
  • Always contact sector professionals who will help you find evidence that is reliable and valid in court, in full compliance with the law.