Investigative Method

The investigative method of P & P Investigations is the result of our direct experience in the field.

For years we work for the serenity of our customers and their families, investigating to resolve doubts and return certainties. We take a heart into every single story and devote the same commitment to every phase of the investigation, also taking care of technical and legal aspects, in collaboration with the client’s lawyer.

We respond strictly to the principle of consistency, promising only what we can maintain and carrying out only legitimate activities, in compliance with current regulations.


Free preliminary consultation

This is the most important phase of the process. During the first free consultation, the client informs our consultants of their problem, placing particular attention on all the details that he or she knows, and on the result he or she wants to achieve.


Definition of strategy

Once all of the circumstances of the case have been analysed, it becomes possible at this point to draft a personalised strategy and corresponding quote with details of times, costs and objective, which will be delivered to the client complete with all the actions to be undertaken. The client may also set a budget limit.


Conferral of mandate

Once the quote has been accepted, the client must sign the assignment. Assignments are accepted only after having received a formal mandate in compliance with current regulations. We scrupulously adhere to the laws related to investigative activities, insofar as this is the only valid way to obtain evidence with high legal value that is valid in court.



This is the executive phase of the project. The activity aims to search for and collect evidence that is useful for achieving predetermined objectives. During this phase, the client is constantly updated on the outcomes of activities determined during the strategy definition phase.


Final dossier

Once the investigation is complete, a report is issued accompanied by hard evidence (photographs, recordings, etc.). The report contains the detailed presentation of operational dynamics, of the information that has emerged from the investigation and the results achieved.

The dossier will allow you to assert your rights in court and, if necessary, we are willing to testify during the trial.