The Client

The client has strong suspicions about her spouse. In fact, she has reason to believe that her husband is in another relationship, due to a recent change in his behaviour. He appears particularly euphoric and courteous, paying more attention to both his personal appearance and the way he dresses. Yet, privately, he is elusive or detached. What is more, he always keeps his mobile at hand, leaving it unattended only when switched off.


Collection of evidence to demonstrate the husband’s infidelity within the context of defining the case of legal separation of the spouses.


In agreement with the client, we decide to monitor the husband’s movements for a whole week.

Already on the Monday evening, the suspect meets with a suspicious woman and exchanges gestures of affection with her in public. The necessary investigations are made and we verify the home address of the woman. Here we ascertain that she lives on her own. Monitoring continues for an entire week until the weekend when, thanks to the complicity of the client to whom we suggest leaving town with an excuse,  we manage to discover that the man has planned to spend the weekend out of town. The two spend the whole weekend in a seaside resort, where they have booked a hotel.


We documented each activity through video-recorded means, acquiring material useful for the separation case that the wife decided to start, bringing the evidence acquired to court.

In this way, our contribution has allowed the wife to legally protect her rights and those of her two school-aged children.